Access Developer Tools: Apps, Add-ins, VBA Code

Third Party Apps, Add-ins and VBA code. These are developer tools that help in the development of Access databases. These items are generally not for the End User.  Some are freeware.

Also see: Access Example Databases and Code Repository Sites

Access Example Databases and Code Repository Sites

Links to sites with example databases and VBA Code Repositories. You will find lots of useful Visual Basic for Appliations ( VBA ) code to help with building your Microsoft Access Database with Visual Basic for Appliations ( VBA ).

Access Reports - Tips and Tricks

Miscrosoft access Reports - links to articles that show how to do some great stuff with Access Reports

Access Datasbase Issues and Corruption

Be sure to make a Backup before attempting any type of recover. This includes running compact and repair.

If you do suspect you have any database issues the first thing you should do is exit the database and make a backup.

Access JET User Level Security

These are links about the built-in User Level Security (ULS) for the JET database engine(.mdb format)  Access 2000-2003.

Note: This feature has been depreciated and is no longer available in the new ACE database ending (.accdb format) in Access 2007/2010

Access VBA Office Automation

Using Office Automation to have Access work with Excel, Word and other Office Applicaions.

Access Dates - Tips and Tricks

Information abnout working with dates in Access.

Access 2010

TIP: Be sure to check out the Access 2007 and Access 2003 sections. A lot of the informtion also applies to Access 2010.

Why are there not many examples for Access 2007 or 2010?