Access Basics

By Crystal


Access Basics is designed for those of you with a thirst to understand the fundamentals of Access with programming in mind ... whether you realize it or not.
If you are not a programmer, you will become one — because that is where the deepest power of Access gets unleashed.
If you have a logical mind and a desire to learn, all you need is a good foundation
... and here it is.


Summary of Contents for Access Basics
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  1. Cover Letter and Types of Applications
    What are the principal applications for computers? and how does Access fit in?
  2. Database Objects
    Learn about the basic Access objects: Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, and Modules
    Also explains Properties and Methods, VBA, and Reference Libraries
  3. Normalizing Data
    Now that you understand what a table is ... how do you design them? ... the simple way is not often easy to see! Tips to get you looking at your data from a different perspective.
  4. Relationships, Referential Integrity, Indexes
    How does all the various information relate? What can you do to while you are designing your database to get an overall view?
  5. Form and Report Design
    Now that the basic structure is in place, how do you make it easy for the users to enter data? How do you create reports?
  6. SQL Syntax
    What is SQL? Is it hard to learn? ... no!
  7. Delimiters
    How is text information distinguished from numbers or dates? How do you indicate a field in a table or a control on a form?
  8. Where to Get More Help
    Are there places on the Internet where you can ask questions and folks will help? ...Yes
    Are there good books for learning Access? ...Yes
    Are there web pages you can go to for valuable information? ...Yes
    Are there sites devoted to Access 2007? ...Yes